Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick Mamavation Check-In

Another week has passed and I'm still in the middle of this waiting game.  Things have gone radio silent at work and that hasn't been great for my stress level.  Instead of assuming that no news is good news, I tend to worry.  Despite the worrying, I've done a good job with my workouts and made good food choices.  I'm working out to fight the stress and I'm 100% positive that is what is keeping me sane right now.  Every time I freak out about the possibility of not having a paycheck in a few weeks, I lace up my shoes (or promise myself that I will once I leave the office) and burn those feelings away.

Last night, I reached one quarter of my annual mileage goal, which felt good.  I like knowing that I'm on track with small milestones.  I'm working towards 300 miles for the year and hit 75 miles.  My elbow and shoulder are healing, so I'm back to doing pushups. I had to take this week of from Pure Barre because of work scheduling conflicts, but I'll be back at it next week.  Hopefully I can fit in some Tae Bo this week because punching really helps combat the crazy feelings I'm having right now!

What about you?  Are you having a good week?  Any suggestions for fighting stress?  It's going to be a tough couple of weeks and I can use all the advice I can get!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Way Too Busy

This week went by in the blink of an eye.  I've been so busy that I've barely kept up with Twitter, let alone the #2weekchallenge.  I feel like a complete slacker for not keeping the commitment, but I'm trying not to hold onto too much guilt about it.

First the good news.  I recently developed a work concept into a full program that was so well received, we decided to market it externally.  Over the course of the last week, I pitched the idea to another major company, developed sample materials for their review and guess what...they bought it!!  I have moved from being typical HR overhead to a source of revenue!  I am so excited about it...I can barely contain it.  What I'm thrilled about is the pitch.  I found the time to fully prepare myself and I knocked it out of the park.  I was confident, which made all the difference.  That confidence is a big improvement for me.

Anyway, so after the company decided they wanted to buy my program, I had to kick it into high gear.  I've spent the past several days on conference calls and emailing at all hours of the night trying to get this thing ready to roll out in a week.  Between this and my normal job (which hasn't slowed down), I haven't been getting much sleep.  I'm also preparing for my upcoming interviews and trying to be as ready as possible.  I've spent almost all weekend working from my house...and there's no end in sight.  I think I have another eight hours of work ahead of my and it's already 7pm.  I guess I should stop writing and get back to it.

So, back to Mamavation stuff.  I only did one day of the #2weekchallenge and then I strained my elbow.  It's almost back to normal now, but was a mess earlier this week.  I was able to get in several miles this week (I had to work off some of the stress), but I definitely didn't work out as much as I wanted to.  I was great about food though, so it all works out.

This week is going to be tough.  I have a ton of work to do, but I'm going to fit in as many workouts as possible.  Although I'm not officially on the #2weekchallenge bandwagon anymore, I'm going to try to do some of the workouts to support my sistas. :)

Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Glass Half Full

My last few posts have been a bit negative.  It's been difficult for me to keep a positive attitude when my world has been so tumultuous.  The reality is, though, that what I'm going through is nothing compared to what some of you Mamavation Sistas are going through.  My stress is just my job.  I need to keep reminding myself that it's JUST a job.  It's not family drama or illness or even worse.  So I'm going to focus on seeing the glass half full.

The stress meter was up and down for me last week.  I had a good chat with my new VP and it's clear that I have a very good chance at staying in a role that I enjoy and will keep the lights on at home.  I'm going to be less involved in a few of the projects and programs that bring me true joy, but I'll still have a voice.  It will all be okay...I just have to get on the other side of this month.  My first task was updating my resume.  I know, what kind of HR person worth her salt doesn't update her resume?!?  Apparently, I don't.  Mine hasn't been touched in 4 years.  I think I've got it nearly done though.  It needs one more proofread and then hopefully, I can submit it tomorrow.  Then I wait.  I think I'll start interviewing the following week and will really need your cheers then.  The interview process will be a two week marathon!

I haven't gotten a good night of sleep in over a week, and it's really starting to show on my face.  I've been chugging a ton of water with the hope that it will make a difference, but nothing can cover the circles under my eyes right now.  Maybe I'll get to buy some new makeup as a result of this though?  Anyone have suggestions for a good under eye concealer?

I've been really enjoying my workouts and stuck with my plan for last week.  The best news from last week is that I finished my 100 push-up challenge and I met it!!  I was able to do 101 uninterrupted push-ups last week.  I'm so proud!  My time with the Tae Bo DVDs has also been awesome.  There's something so freeing about punching along with Billy Blanks!  I made great food choices over the week as well.  On Friday night, my husband told me that we were going out for burgers and good beer.  Apparently, beer is a stress reducer and he thought I needed one.  I had my first beer in about nine months and it was sooo good.  The Chimay and blue cheese burger was just what I needed as a reward for all of my hard work.

I've meal and workout planned for the upcoming week.  We're eating lots of chicken and Brussels sprouts.  I'm taking the week off from Pure Barre, but am doing an extra elliptical workout to make up for it.  I even got to go for a short hike today. 

So, this is going to be a good week.  What about for all of you?  How can I help cheer you on?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our week in pictures

Although last week was tough for me, our family had a pretty good time.  Our adventures included snow tubing at a local park, a birthday party for Dr. Seuss, and N's first time skiing.  She had a blast!  Here are a few (not great quality) pics from the week.

Off the rails, but climbing back on

I've been quiet this week because the week has been pretty bad.  I haven't said much because there's nothing positive to share.  Instead, I've been eating my feelings and my stress.  To top if off, I'm PMSy, so I've been craving salt and sugar ALL THE TIME.  I know it's bad and I'm determined to move beyond this terrible week, so I think it's time to share the situation with my Mamavation Sistas.

On Monday, I had a meeting with a colleague and realized that the current and pending reorganization of my department was essentially already worked out.  I knew in my gut that the people I wanted to get the new roles weren't going to get them and it would likely impact me in some pretty significant ways.  Of course I couldn't talk to anyone about this, so I picked up some M&Ms.

Throughout the week, I watched my team become more and more nervous as rumors flew around about upcoming announcements.  I tried to keep quiet and stuffed my face with Oreos.

On Thursday, the new selections were made.  I didn't hear from my boss until that evening, and I could tell from his cryptic message that things weren't good.  I went to a networking event and tried to hold it together, but it was a little much.  When I went home, I couldn't force myself to work out and I just sat in bed, watching TV. 

Finally, on Friday, the announcement about the new structure was sent out.  As I predicted, the whole thing was predetermined, despite the last month of stress and interviewing for my boss and all of his peers.  The new structure will be fine and I know that ultimately, I will be fine, it's just really sad to realize that it was all a charade.  I've lost so much trust as a result of this...and I feel so naive for believing that things might work out differently.  On Friday night, I enjoyed some red wine and kettle chips.

So here we are now.  I'll be meeting with my new VP on Monday and hope to hear his vision for our department.  I don't know if I'll fit into that or if I'll end up interviewing for a different role in the company or if I'll have to find a new employer.  I probably won't know the outcome of this for a month.  I will have to handle my emotions for the next four weeks and need to find a way to curb my eating behavior while I work through this stress.  It's tough...my job is so much of who I am and I am struggling with the ambiguity.  It will be okay though.

I've signed up for the Mamavation #2weekchallenge - the timing couldn't be more perfect.  I need some daily accountability to work off my stress.  The challenge is still a week away so in the meantime, I have the following plan.

Sunday, March 3rd: Tae Bo 10 Minute Workout, 3 miles, #plankaday
Monday, March 4th: Final fit test for the 100 PushUp Challenge!!, 2 miles, #plankaday
Tuesday, March 5th: Pure Barre
Wednesday, March 6th: 2-3 miles, #plankaday, pushups
Thursday, March 7th: REST
Friday, March 8th: 2-3 miles, #plankaday, pushups
Saturday, March 9th: Tae Bo, #plankaday
Sunday, March 10th: REST

I'm going to stop stressing about the extra calories I ate this week and just proceed normally with food.  I'm planning healthy meals for the week and plan to avoid sugar.  I'm back on track...starting today!