Monday, February 25, 2013

Update on Goals

We're nearly two months into the New Year, so I thought it was a good time to give a quick accountability update on my goals.   
  1. Write regularly.  Write in my own blog, leave comments on others, and write about N's childhood so she has a record of it.
    • This is going well.  I've posted at least once per week and have been able to leave comments on other blogs as well.  I could probably be better about chronicling N's childhood...most of my posts have been about me (conceited??).
  2. Constantly remind myself that N is not trying to drive me crazy...she's just 3.  Give myself time outs when her behavior starts to upset me.
    • This is going really well for me, but has caused me to notice that my husband could be much better.  I've actually been pretty pissed at him recently because of my frustration about how he interacts with her.  I guess it's time to address that as a secondary issue.
  3. Focus on wellness, not just fitness.  Change my workout routine to include more yoga and strength training to help me feel calm and centered.  The goal here is to help #2 above.
    • I've felt the most impact from this goal.  I've successfully changed my workout routine and my stress levels have reduced as an outcome.  I posted a sample week here in my last Mamavation post and I was able to stick with most of the plan.  I've been so sore from my Pure Barre classes that I've gotten a few days behind on my push-up challenge, but otherwise, I finished everything I set out to last week.  I'm up to 62 uninterrupted push-ups now and I'm pretty proud of it.  I made it through a full hour of Tae Bo yesterday, which is also an accomplishment in my book.
    • I still haven't been able to incorporate yoga because of my schedule.  I have some pre-paid passes to the local hot yoga studio though, so I need to make the time to go. 
  4. Take care of my skin.  I'm 32 years old and all of the sudden, my face is showing it.  This year, I will invest in, and regularly use, skincare products.
    • This is FRUSTRATING!  I've been using a Murad anti-aging and correcting product since the New Year and it hasn't made a difference.  Is this because my skin is beyond repair or because I'm not using a good product?  Regardless, this is expensive and a bit disappointing.
    • Does anyone have recommendations of good anti-aging products to share? I'm all ears at this point!


  1. I love your goals! I'm almost 35, and I agree with the need to take care of my skin. The pregnancy mask is making it an issue for me. And, man, do I understand the 3-year old crazy. :) Hang in there!

    1. Thanks, Lydia. Isn't it crazy how, practically overnight, skincare became a concern?! Ugh...always something. :)

  2. Love your goals... congrats on doing well on them!